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About Vryburg

“The vast expanses of our African savannah bushlands is home to a great variety of game species, including lion, buffalo and rhino.”

Vryburg offers a comprehensive selection of facilities which ranges from camping, self catering as well as luxury accommodation.

Visitors to Vryburg want to see the obvious attractions as well as the not so obvious.

This website will assist you with your planning. All the advertisers are well informed and will gladly assist you along the way.

Vryburg lies in a rich cattle-farming area. The town has an interesting history. When the Republic of Stellaland was proclaimed in 1882, Vryburg was established as its capital. The Republic had its own postal service including a postage stamp series and a magnificent flag. Their freedom however, was short-lived. In the same year President Kruger annexed the state under the Transvaal government. This move in turn displeased the British and in 1885 the territory was annexed to Britain without any resistance.

Vryburg hosts one of the largest cattle sales in the Southern hemisphere with an enormous turnover of more than 250 000 head of cattle per year. It is this, along with its perceived image of being a frontier town that has given it the nickname “Texas of South Africa”

The town today is a thriving industrial and agricultural hub, which radiates an atmosphere of prosperity. Its modern architecture blends naturally with its surroundings and the well-preserved old buildings are carefully maintained.

Vryburg has a strong sense of history, one which its citizens nurture with pride. The name Vryburg comes from the period in the 1882 when Vryburg was established as the capital of Stellaland. The Republicans called themselves Vryburgers (free Citizens), hence the name of the town.
Vryburg is born on September 20, 1882, a site for a township was selected and named Endvogelfontein. On November 15 the same year, the name was changed to Vryburg. In December that year, newly laid out plots were apportioned to the volunteers by means of a lottery and by February 1883 some 400 farms had been established.

On August 16, 1883, Administrator Van Niekerk proclaimed the Republic of Stellaland with Vryburg as capital and himself as President. Stellaland spilt into two rival factions – those who supported annexation into the Cape colony as mooted by Cecil Rhodes, and those who preferred independence.

In February 1884, the London Convention was signed, making Stellaland a British protectorate, with the Reverend John McKensie appointed Commissioner to British Bechuanaland. Vryburg today is the industrial and agricultural capital of the Bophirima (Western) region.

There are excellent roads, rail and air connections to all the major centers in the country. Vryburg is also situated on the main railway lines from Cape Town to Botswana and Zimbabwe. The town offers residential areas, business centers and all modern facilities.